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작성자 스페이스배
작성일 2012-11-18 (일) 14:41
Ritesh Ajmeri

The aspect of displacing all the axes for cognitive perception is fundamental to my art-works. That is not from the identification or interpretation of the meaning of an object but from the dispersion of its contexts when overridden by viewers. So, ellipsis is the most significant feature of my works, where I could enjoy engaging not viewer’s eyes but minds in the interstices between an art-object and its surroundings. The locus of attention is yet retained by the presence of the art-object.


Sometimes, I bring the question of culture and race, of self and ‘othering’ by inserting a life-size sculpture of me shrouded in ‘colour’, distorted in ‘shape’ and put in strange ‘spaces’.  And sometimes my works employs sarcasm and ‘speaks’ about sarcasm politically, like as if I make resemblance with a speech-bubble against the white mount in the frame in my ‘Brain’ works, which is deeply rooted from my own experiences while watching and participating in the making process of traditional Indian sculptures from my grandfather days. I refer to perceiving the object in actuality, and the mediated reality where the object begets in the form of live telecasts, too. Similarly, ‘Real’ points to the aspect of pervasive spectacularity in my everyday life, which can also be switched off and on fused at any point.


‘Nature’, ‘real-time’, ‘space’, ‘image’, all acquire and moult meanings where I have been situated in my art-practice and middle-class background of India; where media, objects, and images are incessantly susceptible to instability.
Made by nature, 2004, pigment in the earth, variable dimension
Black on Black, 2005, life sized polymer sculpture on black coloured earth, variable

Living sculpture, 2005, Polymer, silicon rubber, audible sound motor in mouth, 51 x24X 22 inches
Hard & soft edges, 2008, Nylon hair, casted iron scissor 48 x24 x24 inches
Rusted Brain, 2010, acidified and rusted mild steel on wood plate, 72x 60 inches
Frozen white in Korea, 2010, Silicon rubber, glass eyes, nylon hair, variable
Rust Drawing, 2010, Rust on Paper, 120x36 inches

Rust Drawing II, 2010, Rust on Paper, 36 x 36 inches per each



Equilibrium II, 2011, mild steel, bronze, gear box motor 15x15x56 inches

Equilibrium I , 2011, mild steel, bronze, gear box motor 18x 18 x 42 inches

Changing Skin, 2010, two channel video, 9min. 37 sec                 


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